What are the benefits of pranayama?


Everyone knows that there are many asanas in yoga. But pranayama is the most important of them. Pranayama is an asana that energizes every cell in our body.

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word, which in Sanskrit means ‘mastery of life force’ or exhaling the life force or the breath that sustains our body. Pranayama feels very easy but should be done with discipline. According to the science of yoga, the goal of pranayama is to participate in everything that leads to the life force. Pranayama is the practice of breathing properly. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. This allows fresh oxygen to reach every organ in your body.

Benefits With Pranayama.

  • Pranayama purifies 80,000 nerves in our body. This purification balances the energy flow in our bodies. This will keep the whole body healthy. Many doctors say that pranayama should be done regularly. Doctors say that doing this will relieve stress and give calmness as well as health.
  • Most people do not do yoga by doing meditation. However, pranayama is very useful for you to achieve physical fitness. Doing so provides pure oxygen to all the organs of the body. So it improves your digestive system. Apart from that, your body increases light. Pranayama should be done daily to give a glow to your body naturally. It increases the energy of a person.
  • Nowadays everyone is living a busy life. This increases stress in everyone and decreases concentration and memory. Pranayama reduces stress, increases concentration and memory, and improves mental health. Our mind is what we should do throughout the day. Specifies how it should be. So for the mind to be calm we need to be mentally healthy. Pranayama increases the oxygen levels in the body so that the nerves in our brain become calm. Pranayama increases blood circulation in our body.
  • Pranayama is very good for people suffering from high blood pressure. Increased blood pressure during pranayama
  • Pranayama is useful for controlling. Pranayama is like meditation so it not only keeps the body calm but also releases the hormones that the body needs. Doing pranayama regularly on a daily basis can reduce blood pressure as well as serious problems like diabetes and depression.
  • Most studies so far have shown that pranayama increases a person’s life expectancy. Pranayama helps a person to breathe properly. Most people do not know how we breathe. But the science of yoga says that our lifespan depends on our breathing rate.
  • Many people make a variety of efforts to lose weight. But pranayama works very well for weight loss. Pranayama during the day melts the fat in our body. This will not make us want to eat more food. With it, we can lose weight easily. We like to eat unhealthy food when we are tired. But pranayama increases our awareness of food.

How to do pranayama:

  • Sit upright in the middle on your yoga mat / folded sheet.
  • Close the nostril on your right side with your thumb.
  • Inhale air from your left nostril. Your spine should be straight when doing this. Keep your whole body relaxed. Place your left hand on your left knee.
  • Next, close the nostril on your left side with the ring finger of your right hand, and then release the breath from the nostril on the right side.
  • Keep doing that for 15 minutes as well. Take a break every 5 minutes if necessary.